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Organizational Learning Strategy & Roadmap

Planning strategic human performance outcomes through resilient, cost-efficient, and results-based implementation guidelines

To build a systemic method for building and developing a sustainable human capital pool, it is important to undertake multiple short term initiatives with the vision of a cogent long term plan. We help create an organization-wide strategy for holistic, integrated performance development interventions. The roadmap takes into account the organizational evolution and vision and plans for cohesively driving all initiatives towards desired strategic organizational goals. To develop a strategy and roadmap, we do the following:

Understand and analyze organizational short term and long term goals
Review and define human capital needs mapped to organizational growth plans
Review organizational structure and competency maps vis-à-vis the functions and roles
Study past and current training initiatives and their outcomes
Define desired employee performance metrics/benchmarks (based on organizational, individual, and industry growth needs)
Building a cost-benefit analysis to help you assess ROI of a Strategic Learning Strategy for the organization
Build a budget plan for immediate and long term learning interventions mapped to organizational outcomes
Present a strategic roadmap with an implementation plan