Content Development

Our Business

GapSkills is a provider of integrated and holistic performance solutions to the business community, the public sector and academia. We provide instructionally sound and customized solutions that leverage proven methodologies and macro-industry trends to address the unique needs of an organization. Our organization-wide learning interventions focus on building a skilled workforce to solve critical business problems. We work with highly effective processes, innovative tools and open‐source technologies to consult, design, develop, and implement effective learning solutions.

Performance Strategy Consulting

  1. Organizational Learning Strategy & Roadmap: Planning strategic human performance outcomes through resilient, cost‐efficient, and results‐based implementation guidelines.
  2. Learning Needs Analysis: Focused study of factors influencing the design, delivery, and results of learning interventions and corresponding performance goals.
  3. Learning Analytics (Effectiveness Audit): Measuring proficiency of learning programs, transfer of learning to workplace, and productivity impact.
  4. Skill Gap Assessment: Identification of gaps between current skill sets and desired skill sets to meet performance and productivity goals.
  5. Competency Mapping: Identification of key attributes and skills required for each function and job role based on an organization’s competency model.
  6. Learner Profiling: Definition of learner personas to enable design of effective performance development interventions.
  7. Outsourced L&D: Access to a complete spectrum of learning service capabilities for organizations – small and medium.